Mains Drainage Connection

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Mains Drainage Connection
The parish Council has agreed to act as application co-ordinator for all Wendens Ambo applications for first time
connection requests. Each applicant has to complete Form S101A found on Anglian Water website and then forward
the form to the clerk of the parish council. [email protected] This will not be a quick process, in the meanwhile
please read the requirements below.

New requirements for domestic sewage
New regulations for domestic sewage not connected to public sewers came into force on 1st January 2020. This will
impact many properties within the village (mainly west of the railway, but it is up to all property owners/residents to
check their property status). The rules are quite complex and we strongly recommend everyone researches them in
detail. The following is for initial quick guidance only. Note that EVERYONE is subject to the general binding rules
applicable to their particular circumstances.
Prior to these regulations, properties were allowed to discharge sewage either via a septic tank (ST) or a sewage
treatment plant (STP) directly to surface water (stream, pond, flowing ditch etc) or into the ground via a drainage
Under the new regulations, discharge from a septic tank direct to surface water is NO LONGER legal.
Now, if discharging direct to surface water, one needs to install a sewage treatment plant to BS12566 (whether for a
new build property or an upgrade due to above regs). Note: no new discharge (to water or ground) is allowed if the
single property is within 30m of existing public sewer if connection is practicable. (NB different rules apply for
multiple properties/business/commercial/shared ST or STP etc).
Requirements for septic tanks & treatment plants discharging to ground will depend on whether the system is
“existing” or “new”.
If installed prior to 1st January 2015 AND discharge into ground is NOT due to a recent change from discharge to
surface water AND the discharge point has NOT been moved by more than 10m AND peak discharge (e.g. with
visitors etc) is less than 2000Litres/day, then it can be classed as “existing” otherwise it will be classed as “new”. If
“new” or greater than 2000L/day peak then it MUST connect to the public sewer if practicable.
Regardless of what system is used, all “operators” (generally residents!) must ensure they meet the flowing

1. The system is designed to meet the peak sewage capacity (ST & STP)
2. Tank and drainage field (BS 6297:2007 for drainage fields) or treatment plant (BS EN 12566) is correctly
designed (ST & STP)
3. The tank is de-sludged regularly by a registered waste carrier (ST). The Environment Agency recommend
annually for a household of 4 persons.
4. Equipment is serviced regularly to manufacturer’s guidelines (STP)
5. Any defects (cracks etc) are repaired promptly (ST & STP)
6. Must not pollute ground water or surface water (ST & STP)

See website at

If all above conditions apply AND the discharge point is NOT within a groundwater Source Protection Zone 1 (SPZ1)
(or within 50m of private well/borehole used for domestic supply) then no permit is required. (NOTE MUCH of
Wendens Ambo IS within an SPZ1 see pdf
Otherwise, a permit form is required. For many, the form B6.6 is applicable: